Explore the North Carolina Mountain Community of The Preserve at Little Pine

Our lives can move too fast. We all have a desire to get away from the chaos. To let go of the stress. And the frantic rush of everyday life. To move toward something higher. Something ancient, yet timeless. Something indescribably beautiful, yet unmistakably real. A place brimming over with natural beauty and the promise of a more abundant life. A place where you can breathe. Expand your mind. And reconnect with nature, with your family, with yourself. It’s all right here. It’s waiting for you. The Preserve at Little Pine.

The Preserve at Little Pine



The Preserve at Little Pine, like each of our Preserve Communities, is a unique expression of our love of nature and all its attendant wonders. Our commitment to conservation is central to our vision, as we are dedicated to being thoughtful stewards of the land, ensuring that all of our communities will be low density and remain in their natural state for generations to come.

I love this community, this whole area. I was born in North Carolina, in these mountains. I grew up here. I've hiked countless trails, walked through miles of woodlands, stood atop hundreds of ridgelines, and can tell you: no other community is as inspiring as this. Little Pine is special."

— Jack Fisher, Founder & Chairman